• Paper Yarn OJO⁺ Natural fiber made from Washi
  • Fiber both friendly to mankind and to the environment
  • Thread weaving into the future of the earth



Known as “Shosenshi”, paper yarn has older history than hemp or cotton in Japan. Although having excellent quality, paper yarn was hard to mass-produce and expensive. Oji Fiber applied its own know how, state of the art facility, and high technology from the experience of being involved with paper products to establish its own production system for paper yarn. Oji Fiber successfully produced top quality “Paper yarn OJO⁺” which is environmental friendly and mild to skin at available price.


  • apparel Apparel
  • interior fabric Interior Fabric
  • bed clothes Bed Linen

Brands that Use OJO⁺




  • “Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric 2018.5.8 [“Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric that can easily be worn with a bare foot.] Hosokawa Tex. has developed its own brand called, “ORIGAMIX” which features, “Washi Cloth,” a cloth made by weaving “Washi yarn.” “Washi” is a cultural paper developed in Japan. In this “ORIGAMIX” brand, our paper yarn OJO⁺ is applied as its base material.   The first[…]
  • OJO⁺ has been applied by Sig Zane, a high end Aloha shirt brand. 2018.3.12 “Sig Zane Designs” opened its door to the world in Hilo Hawaii on 1985. It is known as a high end Aloha shirt brand that features plants and Hawaiian culture to its sophisticated design. Having high environmental conscious, “Sig Zane Designs” introduced a new Aloha shirt that applied natural paper fiber OJO+,[…]
  • website_renewal
    Website Renewal 2017.9.1 We have released new official website. Information regarding new items, the history, and all the products of OJO⁺ will be introduced.
  • 和の芸術と和紙糸の融合 墨に想いをこめる書家 小櫃凛泉とかみのいと(OJO+)展
    Rinsen x OJO⁺ x HEMING’S Exhibition 2017.6.1 We are proud to announce that the artworks created by a female calligrapher “Rinsen Obitsu,” and original products using OJO⁺ will be exhibited at the event held at Shibuya. ************************** “Fusion of Japanese art and paper yarn. The exhibition of Rinsen Obitsu, a calligrapher who puts her thoughts into Sumi, a Japanese[…]



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