“Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric

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[“Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric that can easily be worn with a bare foot.]

Hosokawa Tex. has developed its own brand called, “ORIGAMIX” which features, “Washi Cloth,” a cloth made by weaving “Washi yarn.”

“Washi” is a cultural paper developed in Japan. In this “ORIGAMIX” brand, our paper yarn OJO⁺ is applied as its base material.


The first product being introduced from “ORIGAMIX” is “Bare Foot Wearable Slip-On.”
Although applied in Italy and Germany, this is the first time that “Washi Cloth for Shoes” is introduced in Japan.
It is available in 5 different colors and 6 sizes at \12,000 (tax included)

YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rG0njZMHZ1M

“Washi Slip-On” has great 5 great features.

  1. It can be worn with bare foot without having sticky feeling.
  2. It has natural deodorizing, that reduces the odor.
  3. Quick-dry, Okay to get wet, washable with water.
  4. Light and durable
  5. Designed to be fit comfortably.