Phantasmagoric fiber changing our lifestyle
There’s a deep meaning behind the “+”in “OJO⁺”. This yarn does not only become a textile by itself but also could be combined with other fabrics as such as wool and polyester. It also symbolize that OJO⁺ is a textile that could be applied to many purposes. It could be applied to various items such as apparel, interior fabrics, and bed linen.

  • Apparel

    Cool feeling and soft to the touch when applied as summer wear, and will give lightness and rich moisturizing capacity when applied as winter wear. OJO⁺ can be adopted into various forms as such as jacket, skirt, dress, pants and sweaters.

    Application Examples
  • Interior Fabric

    Being resilient and durable fabric, OJO⁺ can be used for sofas, wall paper, rugs and office partitions.

    Application Examples
  • Bed Linen

    OJO⁺ has high hygroscopic, sweat absorbent, permeability, and water repellent, could be used as towel, pillow case, and sheet when combined with other fabrics.

    Application Examples
  • Others

    It’s also suitable for production of artificial turf. Unlike chemical turfs, it would resist being heated by sun light.

    Application Examples

Brands that Use OJO⁺


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