• “Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric 2018.5.8 [“Washi Slip-On” made from paper fabric that can easily be worn with a bare foot.] Hosokawa Tex. has developed its own brand called, “ORIGAMIX” which features, “Washi Cloth,” a cloth made by weaving “Washi yarn.” “Washi” is a cultural paper developed in Japan. In this “ORIGAMIX” brand, our paper yarn OJO⁺ is applied as its base material.   The first[…]
  • OJO⁺ has been applied by Sig Zane, a high end Aloha shirt brand. 2018.3.12 “Sig Zane Designs” opened its door to the world in Hilo Hawaii on 1985. It is known as a high end Aloha shirt brand that features plants and Hawaiian culture to its sophisticated design. Having high environmental conscious, “Sig Zane Designs” introduced a new Aloha shirt that applied natural paper fiber OJO+,[…]
  • website_renewal
    Website Renewal 2017.9.1 We have released new official website. Information regarding new items, the history, and all the products of OJO⁺ will be introduced.
  • 和の芸術と和紙糸の融合 墨に想いをこめる書家 小櫃凛泉とかみのいと(OJO+)展
    Rinsen x OJO⁺ x HEMING’S Exhibition 2017.6.1 We are proud to announce that the artworks created by a female calligrapher “Rinsen Obitsu,” and original products using OJO⁺ will be exhibited at the event held at Shibuya. ************************** “Fusion of Japanese art and paper yarn. The exhibition of Rinsen Obitsu, a calligrapher who puts her thoughts into Sumi, a Japanese[…]
    ISSEY MIYAKE in Paris Collection 2011 2017.5.23 OJO⁺ has been selected by ISSEY MIYAKE, globally known Japanese brand, to be used for their dress. Yoshiyuki Miyamae, designer of ISSEY MIYAKE introduced dress that used OJO⁺ in 2011 at Paris Collection Spring Summer 2011, which gained excellent reviews. (Photo provided by ISSEY MIYAKE INC.)
    LANVIN in Paris Collection 2005 2017.5.22 LINVAN a worldly known luxury brand, chose OJO⁺ as the fabric used for Lady’s shirt. LINVAN adopted OJO⁺ for Lady’s shirt in Paris Collection Spring Summer 2005. Mixture ratio was OJO⁺ 56%, Cotton 44%, OJO⁺ is used as weft. It gathered many attention since it was their first time to adopt paper[…]


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