OJO⁺ has been applied by Sig Zane, a high end Aloha shirt brand.

2018.3.12 Category:

“Sig Zane Designs” opened its door to the world in Hilo Hawaii on 1985.
It is known as a high end Aloha shirt brand that features plants and Hawaiian culture
to its sophisticated design.

Having high environmental conscious, “Sig Zane Designs” introduced a new Aloha shirt that applied
natural paper fiber OJO+, on Feb.15th through its web store and flagship store in Hilo, Hawaii.
(Mixed rate OJO⁺ 56%, cotton 44%)

Designed by Sig Zane, weaving, printing and sewing was done in Japan.
It features the beautiful design of Hawaii and the lightness and refreshing feeling brought by OJO⁺.

We are very proud that our thoughts to the future of the earth, and the love and kindness to
the environment by Sig Zane connected across the pacific.


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“Sig Zane Designs” official site